Evangelistic Illustrations

December 14, 2011
By dreiher2

1000 Points!

I thought of an interesting illustration this morning based upon an illustration I heard Jody Dillow give.

A guy dies and is standing before Jesus. He sees a sign on the entrance to the kingdom saying “Entrance requirement, 1000 points.” Jesus asks, “Why do you believe you have everlasting life and can enter my kingdom?”

The guy replies, “I accepted you as my Savior from Sin.” Jesus said, that’s good, 1 point. The guy then said, “I believed in you to forgive my sins, and asked you to be my Savior from sin.” Jesus said, that’s good, 1 point. The guy was taken back a moment. He then replied, “I believed that you died on the Cross and were buried, were raised from the dead to forgive my sins.” Jesus said, that’s good, 1 point. The guy replied, “I believe that you are the Son of God.” Jesus said, that’s good, 1 point. The guy was getting a bit nervous. He thought a moment about what he heard many people on the radio say. “I repented from my sin, committed my life to you and tried to obey you as much as I could. During my life I never stopped going to church, praying, witnessing to others (as best I could), reading my Bible, praying and giving a lot of my income to the church and to missions.” Jesus said, that’s good, 1 point.

Now the guy was out of answers and thought he was in big trouble. The guy said, “I can’t understand it. When I was 5 I was only able to attend the end of the last VBS lesson and heard the last minute of a guy teaching from the Bible in John 3:16 that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and would give me everlasting life. I did not know many details about who Jesus was. I simply believed it was true. I thought I was on the right track with Jesus. I did not REALLY know the rest of the story, like who Jesus was and what He did, but I learned those details later! That last minute on the last day of VBS I just simply believed in Jesus as the one who secured everlasting life for me! I wish I went to the other meetings! I must have missed something!”

Jesus said, that’s 1000 points, go on in. It was that minute your were saved. All you have to do is believe in me for Everlasting life!


- Don Reiher

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